Plan and keep track of people, projects and events.
A complete calendar application. Manage your day to day tasks with ease,
remind yourself of the most important events, plan your team activity and more.

Multiple calendars, plan activities fast and easy, helicopter view

  • We know you are busy and your time is precious. Plan everything you need: trips, your business events, holidays.
  • You can have an bird's eye view on your current team activities. If you have straight deadlines and
    demanding projects you can easily get an overview picture of what is going on into your running projects.

Multiple calendars
Events multiple calendars
Helicopter view
Events helicopter view
Add a new event
Events - add new event

Import existing calendars, share calendars, quick event view

  • You can import your existing Gmail, Outlook, iCalendar calendars so you do not lose anything.
  • Easily share your calendars with other team members so you could stay in touch with your team events.

Import calendars
Events import calendars
Share calendars with other users
Events share calendars with other users
Quick event view
Events quite event view

Everything in one place, constant new features brought in

  • You don't need 10 applications on 10 different domains to run your business.
    With Ubirimi Events you also get a planning application to track every event, meeting or holiday for your employees.
  • One aspect of our mission is to constantly improve our product suite at no cost. This is part of our market strategy.
    So, while you stay with us, you will get new features added in.